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Mindscape: Sculpting your mind's landscape.

A down-to-earth 6-day audio course meditation starter kit.

Nope. Meditation doesn't have to suck. For real.

And you don't have to suck at meditating. You just have not been introduced to it in a simple, friendly, accessible way.

Psst! Let you in on a secret - when we meditate, we think about what we're going to eat after we're done,
what to Netflix next, and whether we should leave the dishes unwashed for another day. Meditation isn't about having an immaculate, empty mind.

Two fun stats to geek out on.

Since 2012, the number of people who meditate has tripled. Up to 500 million people practise meditation in their daily lives now. It's not just for monks and nuns anymore!
7 years
You can reverse your "brain age" by as much as 7 years when you meditate regularly. Think young, feel young!

If you have time for social media, you have time to meditate.”

Why Take This Course?

The better question to ask is why shouldn't you take this course? Side effects may include:
Stress Reduction

Studies have shown one can experience stress reduction in as few as eight weeks with mindfulness meditation.


Mindfulness meditation helps you focus on the present, which can improve your concentration on other tasks in daily life.

Monkey Mind

Mindfulness meditation decreases activity in the default mode network (DMN), the brain network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts – a.k.a., “monkey mind.” Less mind-wandering = more joy and happiness!


Say goodbye to self-judgment, destructive habits, obsessive habits and other forms of compulsions.


Calm down, feel more joy in your days and sleep better at night. And lit the f*ck up with more love and compassion.


Level up on the quality of life and live to your highest potential.

Master meditation and go deeper with it in just 6 days.

Meditation is pretty magical (and you know we love magic here at LITO). Figuring it out doesn't need to be a mystery.
6 Days. No More. No Less.
Our course is delivered over just 6 days. We cover a core focus each day. Each meditation is designed in increasing complexity so that you go from simple to more advanced practices over the course of the 6 days.
Come As You Are.
Good news! There's no basic requirement, no starting set point or qualification you need in order to start meditating. Other things you don't need: a quiet mind, a lot of time, incense, singing bowls or a cave. Show up just as you are.
Just Press Play
No videos to watch. No live classes to attend. Set aside 20 minutes a day. Play the Intro track of the day to get up to speed on the day's focus. Then play the Meditation of the Day and practice along. No fuss no muss.

What to expect over the 6 days. We promise no annoying nasally loooooong draaaawn ouuuuut guided meditation.

Day 1 - Mindfulness Of The Body
We start off with the basics with an introduction to meditation posture and breathing. Learning how to focus the attention on present moment anchor points (breath, sound, body).
Day 2 - Peace For Uncertain Times
We learning how to release the mind loops and “mind snags” that lead to stress and anxiety by letting go of stressful storylines and the inner critic.
Day 3 - Embrace Your Life
Welcoming and embracing challenging thoughts and emotions using objectification techniques like “noting and labelling”, so that we can let them pass through and release.
Day 4 - Forgiving Yourself And Others
Utilizing the ancient technique of Metta (loving kindness) through phrases and affirmations that help us forgive ourself and others and find peace of mind.
Day 5 - Manifesting Your Life
Using the technique of visualisation to create imaginary scenarios in the mind that one hope’s to manifest in reality through the “Law Of Resonance.”
Day 6 - Mindfulness On The Go
Learn how to meditate in 5 mins or less, so that you can practice mindfulness on the go, whether it be between work meetings, errands, or even changing your children’s diapers! We have two Micropractices for you - one to quickly ground you whenever you feel scattered, stressed or lost in thought. And another when you need that quick boost right before presentations, big meetings, or important conversations.

Crafted With Metta

The Mindscape experience is brought to you by

Remington Cooney

Mindfulness Coach | Meditation Teacher
As a long time student of mindfulness meditation, Remy's work revolves around how mindfulness can retain its traditional authenticity and integrity, whilst being taught in secularized institutions of higher education and business. The Dao Of Now is an initiative to bring ancient eastern wisdom to modern, western living. It vows to clear the haze of the modern age by helping individuals wake up to their own inherent wisdom and clarity. It does so through the teachings of mindfulness and meditation. Together we can build a monastery without walls.

Daniel Lim

Life + Dharma Coach | Producer
Having built 7-figure businesses and after suffering a massive meltdown in New York City in 2012, Dan has made it his calling to help burnouts create healthier businesses and find true freedom in life. Not exactly a monk who sold his Ferrari, he sold his house, his two cars, and most recently, his thriving business to focus on his new desire for living lighter and to follow his dharma path.

Samuel Romero

Arts Therapist  | Composer | Musician
Trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist at Langara College, Samuel combines his passion for the arts with mindfulness. He has worked with refugee children in the Surrey School District and offers workshops and private sessions in the lower-mainland. Influenced by the work of Frederick Franck, Robert Bly, Michael Meade and Zen Buddhism, Sam's work offers a soulful journey toward healing and self-connection.


Meditation starter kit
Day 1: Mindfulness Of The Body
Day 2: Peace For Uncertain Times
Day 3: Embrace Your Life
Day 4: Forgiving Yourself And Others
Day 5: Manifesting Your Life
Day 6: Meditation On The Go
Bonus 1: Deep Sleep Sonicgramme
Bonus 2: Sacred Pause Pianogramme

Bonus super

We've included 2 tracks to help relax, unwind and soothe you further. One pianogramme for your sacred pause. And a hour-long super sonicgramme to lull you into a deep sleep.

Let's get this meditation party started.

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