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Hey gorgeous.
Here's a teeny weeny reminder:

We don’t have to do all of it

We were never meant to.

We live in a hyper-connected world yet crave for deeper, more meaningful connections.

Finding good humans whom you can trust when you’re faced with challenges can be an elusive affair.

It is our dream to create a safe, non-competitive space where creative souls can share, learn and grow together.

Where it is okay for us to break down, fall apart and not be judged. Where no one laughs when we fall flat on our faces (or bum bums).

We celebrate the highs full-heartedly and support one another through the lows (cos life is 50/50).

You don’t have to do it alone. You just need to find your people. And we promise you that we exist. With our collective smarts and hearts combined, we can do some pretty awesome things.

They say if nobody wants you at their table, build your own dang table.

Today, we are building that table (woohoo!), and we would like to build that together with you.

You found us!

We are Dan and Rebecca.

We are the hosts of The LITO Podcast and partners-in-crime who dream of a world where more people can live their purpose and fulfill their potential.

After 52 episodes of our podcast, we have come to believe that none of us need to do this alone. So we dreamed up The LITO Academy, our small community for our Xiaomaos (what we call our podcast listeners) and other kindred souls to gather and grow together.

We believe life is a journey to be enjoyed, where you never stop learning, in the company of friends and peers that inspire you and uplift you when you’re down.

Want to get to know us better?

Listen to our podcast or go here.



Learn our two-prong signature How To Human™ framework for modern self-mastery.

How it works?

Think of this as a course that never ends. With your membership, you get monthly video calls, exclusive contents, support, accountability, friendship, and guidance from your peers and mentors. You also get direct access to both Dan & Rebecca!

Monthly dose of supercharged GROUP COACHING

Once a month, LITO mentors –Dan & Rebecca – will host a video call for members. You'll get a chance to be coached live around any pesky issues or challenges you are struggling with.


Get access to members-only podcast episodes, newsletter, yummy bite-sized courses, guided meditation, and fortnightly healing sessions.


Discover a safe, supportive community you can tap into for a multitude of honest perspectives, where we can sweat the big stuff together, with people who care about you and your success. The people you'll meet in our community are a different breed. Where others see competition and self-interest, we see collaboration. Eco-system. Not ego-system.

Original essays and curated newsletter offerings with Rebecca

Rebecca Toh


Join Rebecca as she explores and deep-dives into topics such as happiness, mindfulness, solitude and stillness, the power of focus, learning and self-education, and be inspired by thought-provoking perspectives, new ideas, helpful tips + recommendations of books, apps + tools that will help you do your best work.

Twice-monthly body-based healing sessions with Yokes

Yoke Wen


Each month, we explore a range of body-based and somatic tools for cultivating a sense of safety, internal resourcing, reconnection to self and others.

"Into Circle" A monthly guided meditation and sharing circle with Celeste

Celeste Chong


Once a month we come into Circle, a safe space where we can be truly honest and express what we feel without judgement. We listen to each other with our hearts and connect in a meaningful way.

Elevate your life with LITO.

What will your epitaph say? Life isn’t just about making money to pay the bills until you kick the bucket. It’s a journey of self-discovery, growth and being your most authentic, joyful self. If you’re on the same path and are looking for inspiration and connection then you’ve found your home.

The Academy is full and currently closed. If you are keen to be a part of what we are building, please fill in the form below so we can keep you informed of progress, and let you know when doors open. Let’s get started with the rest of your life together.

Grow as we go.